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REVIEW: Nike Free 5.0


Hello readers!

I ran cross country all four years of high school, and my coach always said that you should change your sneakers every year, or else you will max out the amount of miles you should be running on them (which can cause injury).

Now that I’m in college, I joined a running club and I enjoy to run for fun about 2-3 times a week, but I slacked off on buying sneakers because I wasn’t running every day anymore and I wasn’t running competitively. So, that is how I ended up using the same pair of sneakers for three years.

I had a pair of ASICS for this period, and I used ASICS for every year of cross country. They gave me a lot of support and they came in fun colors…what more could I ask for?

But I kept seeing the Nike Free sneaker come up online and one of my best friends bought them and said they were the comfiest (and cutest) sneakers she had ever owned. So, I decided to ditch my brand loyalty (sorry ASICS!) and went for the Nike Free 5.0.


Online at Dick’s Sporting Goods they were on sale for $89.99, but I wanted to try them on in store, where I was surprised to find that they were still $99.99. But when I showed the saleswoman the picture I had taken of the online deal, she gave me the discount and I got them for the sale price (which was the in-store price of the Nike Free 4.0, which had significantly lower reviews on the Dick’s Sporting Goods site).

I chose the black and white just because they will go with everything and are classic and sleek. Plus, I could wear them with regular outfits if I wanted to. I’m not really a huge sneaker fan outside of exercising, but honestly the look of these is so nice I might be converted.

I have gone on three runs with these sneakers so far, and the only complaint I have is that they don’t absorb impact as much as my ASICS sneakers did. I’m not sure if this is because the Frees are so lightweight (when I first held the box I was shocked there were two sneakers inside!). This difference took me some time to get used to, but after that it didn’t really bother me. They are very comfortable and don’t make my feet too sweaty. I think this is because the mesh-y material of the upper part of the shoe allows for some air to pass through. And because the sneakers are so light, they are really comfortable to walk in. They are also a lot less bulky than my ASICS were. Of course, those sneakers were three years old, so maybe ASICS has lightened up their design.

I will have to go on some more runs with these sneakers to see how they hold up and to make sure they don’t lead to any injuries, but for now I am in love!

For the record, I am usually a size 8.5 and I always bought a 9 in ASICS, but I had to go up to a 9.5 in the Nike Frees. I found they ran (pun unintended) really small. I also have a pretty high arch and run very slightly pigeon-toed. If you have flatter arches, I’m not too sure if these sneakers would be very beneficial because they don’t have a ton of stability or motion control. Before buying running sneakers, especially for the first time, it might be helpful go to a running specialty store to determine what kind of feet you have and your running style. I never did this, but other runners I know did to make sure they were getting the right kind of sneakers.

I hope this was helpful if you are in the market for a pair of running shoes or just a pair of cute trainers! They are great for incorporating into an atheleisure outfit.


Let me know in the comments what you think if you have these sneakers, or let me know what sneakers have worked for you in the past!