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Late Summer Haul

Hello readers!

So once again I have accumulated a number of things to share with you. Of course I did not buy all of these things at one time; it was more of an item here, an item there over the course of about two months. I will link anything still available below, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Vintage Maxi Skirt

At the beginning of the month I went to the Park Ave Fest where one of my favorite local vintage boutiques called Treasure Trove Vintage had a booth. I was so excited to go because I heard that they had a $10 dollar bucket and a $5 dollar bucket, and while digging through the $5 dollar bucket I found this maxi skirt. I loved the brown color, which is perfect for fall and even the winter if I wear tights underneath. I was amazed that it fit, because it was literally a match made in heaven. I love skirts that button down the front, I love high-waisted skirts because they make my legs look longer and my hips slimmer, and I have so many crop tops that would work with it. Plus, it has belt loops to add a killer belt and further define the waist. I cannot wait until it gets cool enough to wear it, as the fabric is pretty heavy.

009 014

2. Urban Outfitters Jacket

I have wanted one of these olive green, anorak-style jackets for a really long time, but they are always over $100 at UO and I just could not see spending that much money on a fall jacket. But when I saw that this was on sale in store for $40, I could not pass it up. I love the laid back vibes it has from being slightly oversized, and I know it will work really well with any outfit, whether it be just a casual shirt-and-jeans combo or a dress or skirt. I do wish it had a hood, but for $40 from UO, it was totally worth it. PLUS it has pockets, which is a major plus for me because I never know what to do with my hands!

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing it on the website anymore, so here is a similar UO option.

015 022 025

3. H&M shorts

My mom actually made me buy these shorts because a few weeks ago I visited my boyfriend’s family at their cottage and she said none of my shorts were appropriate (too short, too ripped, etc. I disagree, but you know how stubborn mothers can be). So we headed to H&M and I found this pair that, sans holes and at a decent length, were mother-approved. I liked how the material was thick, rather than that skimpy, stretchy material that a lot of cheaper shorts are made of that feel cheap. I also liked that they were cuffed and a darker wash, and being low-rise, they are a nice change from my usual high-waisted go-tos.

I couldn’t find the dark wash pair, but here is a similar option in a medium wash from H&M.


4. Thrifted Flannel

It took me a really long time to decide whether or not this flannel was ugly. I really liked how it had different patterns on the left and right sides of the front and back, but was the red and green to Christmasy? Gaudy? Hideous? But I was just so attached to it for some reason. Maybe it was the oversized fit and the really soft material. So I bought it for $5 and have not regretted it. It looks so good with a white T-shirt and some denim shorts.

027 029


5. ALDO Chelsea Boots

I have been on the hunt for a pair of Chelsea boots for a very long time, because I had a pair from Urban Outfitters that I shared with my mom for years and finally the sole ripped off. I love how they work with any outfit, whether I wear them with rolled up jeans or with stockings and cute socks poking out of the tops. This pair from ALDO was a lot more than I was planning to go for, but my grandma very generously paid a good chunk of the price as a back to school gift, and I’m so grateful to her because these boots are really good quality and will be great for the fall. I’ll probably do a review of them as well once I get some wear out of them!


6. The Art and Found Happy Camper Tee

I also found this at a booth at the Park Ave Fest. The woman in charge of the booth and I had a really nice conversation and she was super friendly, and when I learned about how her brand uses locally sourced materials and everything is handmade, I was sold! I especially loved this cute crop top I bought from her. I loved the schoolgirl vibes of the soft green and black flannel, and I knew that it would work great with my high-waisted jeans and skirts. I probably should have tried it on first because it is a bit tight in the sleeves, but for how cute it is I don’t really mind. It has a really boxy cut which is great for tighter bottoms. I seriously recommend checking out their Etsy shop because everything is adorable!


7. The PERFECT Denim Jacket

Back in March I was at Treasure Trove Vintage and I found this denim jacket. I had been looking for denim jacket for a while, but just could not find the perfect one. And this one was amazing. It was slightly oversized, but because it wasn’t too long, it didn’t drown me. It was the perfect light (but not too light) wash and it was SO SOFT. Plus it was vintage (from the ’80s I believe) which gave it an extra-cool factor. But I didn’t have the $30 dollars to buy it at the time, so I passed it up.

Come July, I was still thinking about that jacket. So I called the store to see if by any miracle it was still there…and it was! It’s like it was waiting for me. So that same day I snatched it up and I’m so glad I did. It looks SO cute with skirts, dresses and patterned shorts. The only flaw is that it doesn’t have waist pockets, so I don’t quite know where to put my awkward hands, but I still am in love with it.


8. H&M T-shirt Dress

I have noticed that my style has been drifting towards monochromatic basics with which I can add a ton of accessories to personalize the outfit. Because what could be easier than throwing on a loose, breezy T-shirt dress to which I can add basically any accessories I feel like wearing? A scarf, hat, layered necklaces…it’s all fair game. Plus think of all of the shoes that can be worn with them! So I picked up this heather gray option from H&M. I like the loose fit and the rolled-up sleeves that give a casual vibe. Plus I like that I could wear it in the fall with some sheer stockings, my Chelsea boots, a cardigan or denim jacket and a scarf. There are seriously so many styling options.

Here is a similar H&M option.


9. Forever 21 Plaid Dress

Going along with my affinity for T-shirt dresses, I have this Forever 21 short plaid dress with large pockets at the hips. It has a ’60s mod feel that I love. It is a teensy bit itchy, but not unbearably, and it can be worn with bare legs if you aren’t too tall or with tights or stockings for the colder months.

031 033 034

10. Forever 21 Black T-shirt Dress

Again with the monochromatic T-shirt dresses, I have this other Forever 21 dress, which, along with the dress above, were generous back to school gifts from my other grandma. This dress is made out of a thick, ribbed material that kind of feels like that scuba material that has been popular lately. I love the shape of it. I just find that high-necks, loose short sleeves and short cuts look best on me and make me feel most comfortable. I’m looking for a pair of black stockings with little black embroidered polka dots or something to add some pizzazz to this dress, which will also look great with my Chelsea boots, a dark lip and a boho necklace.035 040 042

11. Cropped Forever 21 Top

Lastly I bought this cute little knit top from Forever 21 which I thought would look really nice with high-waisted skirts and pants, which I feel like I have said about a lot of the items in this haul. But I liked how this top had a slightly sporty vibe with the contrasting neckline and sleeve hemlines.

045 047

As always, let me know in the comments what your favorite items are, and what you are stocking up on for the fall months!

Thanks for visiting!


Photo credits: me and my mom 


Late Spring/Early Summer Haul

Hello readers!

I have some exciting news…but actually it might just be exciting to me and to no one else. But it is that I bought a camera remote and I have successfully learned how to use it! So in this post I experimented with it and had a lot of fun. It makes me feel so much more independent…no longer do I have to find people to take my pictures for me! But using the remote is a lot more difficult. It takes a lot of setting up, checking the camera, focusing, retaking photos, etc. Which explains why some of these pictures are a bit blurry; I promise I will work on it!

I definitely did not buy all this stuff at once. It was an accumulated sort of thing, where I would pick one thing up one day and something else like a week later. As always, I will have linked what is still available.

1. H&M crop top and paper-bag shorts

I had an H&M gift card from Christmas, but sadly all the H&M shops closed where I live and for some reason their gift cards can’t be used online, so I had to wait a while to be able to use it. And when I finally did, I spent it on these paper-bag-waisted shorts. They are a light brown color which will pair nicely with a lot of my shirts, and they are pretty high-waisted which makes them work with crop tops. I don’t have any shorts like these, so I am very excited to style them! They are no longer available, but here are a similar pair.

I picked up the crop top because it was only three dollars, and where else was I going to find a deal like that? It is a few sizes too big, but I don’t mind because I like my tops loose anyway. It’s a great basic.

050 002  005 003006 008

2. Thrifted blouse

I picked this blouse up for five dollars at Goodwill. I really liked the bright floral pattern and that it was sleeveless, making it perfect for the summer. Knotting it at the waist makes it much more flattering and gives a nice ’90s-inspired touch.

010 013 046

3. Free People crop top

I bought this top for 20 dollars (on sale!) and with a gift card (so basically I got it for free holla!). It’s quite a different look for me, as, like I mentioned before, I like my tops loose. It’s also REALLY cropped. But I thought it would look nice with a pleather A-line skirt or some high-waisted pants/shorts. With the shape and the keyhole in the back, it’s a nice variation of the typical French-movie-star striped shirt.

014  017 018016

4. Madewell T-shirt

We just got a Madewell! That store has some really nice basics. I love how the T-shirts all have a twist, like tiny holes, cropped and boxy fits or, like this shirt, a slit in the back. I don’t have anything this color in my closet and it looks really nice against tan skin. Also, it’s nice and loose, which is right up my alley. Plus, it was on sale with an extra 20% off, and all students get a 15% discount on all of their purchases!

019 023

Also this is my dog Jake. He really wanted to model with me.

5. Free People off-the-shoulder top

Off-the-shoulder tops are really trending right now, and my mom found this top for me on sale. Yellow is also a color I don’t have much of in my closet, and I liked how it had spaghetti straps that give you a little more security. My only complaint is that it fits a bit awkwardly, as I can’t tell where the waist elastic and shoulder elastic are supposed to hit, but that’s my own fault.


6. Lana Del Rey concert T-shirt

A few weeks ago I went to a Lana Del Rey concert as part of her Endless Summer tour and I had been waiting for that night for six months. It was perfection. Lana looked beautiful and the whole crowd was really into it. Unfortunately I had a migraine, but that didn’t stop me from screaming and singing all night (which would explain why the headache was even worse the next day). This shirt was incredibly overpriced, but while at a Lana concert do as the Lana fans do, right?


7. MAC Taupe

I have been looking for a ’90s-inspired brown lipstick for a while, and I didn’t really want to splurge on an expensive one, but then I found myself at a MAC counter and I found myself trying on this lipstick and I found myself coughing up the money. I am weak when it comes to lipstick. But I’m glad I got it, because it has a really creamy formulation and it really suits my skin tone. Plus, it looks really good with a brown smoky eye or just brown eyeliner which I tend to wear every day.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

As always, let me know in the comments what you think, and have a beautiful week 🙂




Hello readers!

So I”m really excited to share this part of my thrifting haul with you, because this one involves a little extra creativity. So I bought this velvet, dark brown, high-necked, long-sleeved maxi dress as part of a Halloween costume. Frankly, it kind of reminded me of poop. But, I made a bet with my friends that after Halloween, I could find a way to make it look fashionable and would wear it to class. I’m actually really impressed with how it turned out, and I know I’m going to wear it a ton this winter because velvet is such a warm and cozy material.


So this is the original dress. I have nothing against maxi dresses, but this one was so covered-up with the sleeves and the turtleneck that it was just not working for me. Plus, it had shoulder pads, and I just am not daring enough for shoulder pads. So I cut about a foot or a foot and a half off of the bottom of the dress so that it hit above my knees and took out the shoulder pads. I tried it on and fell in love with the swingy shape it created-it looked almost ’60s inspired.

velvet 1

I rolled up the sleeves on the dress to make it a bit more flattering. I chose a white beaded necklace with a gold pendant  and some gold rings to continue with the warm colors, and I wore a pair of cream-and-pink socks with these Forever 21 floral oxfords to add a bit of color. I wore Albeit’s Vermillion from Anthropologie on my lips for an autumnal deep red, and I pulled my hair into a super-messy side braid because I just really like to make my hair as messy as possible honestly. I’m so grateful that I have curly hair because at least I think it looks better the looser it is!

velvet 2

velvet 3

velvet 4

velvet 5

velvet 6

The best thing about thrifting is, because you didn’t pay a ton of money for the clothes, you don’t have to be afraid to use some scissors or thread and make it your own. And it’s fun to find something that you would normally never wear and to challenge yourself to change it or style it to make it fit your style!

Have a great Wednesday!



Hello readers,

Sadly, the weekend is drawing to a close and I find myself faced with the daunting task of having to write essays when I really just want to go to bed. But I would much rather share with you my favorite thrift find from the haul, so I am going to do so.

I found this flannel hidden in one of the store racks. I love the colors, which are more feminine than most men’s flannels I find at thrift stores. It is oversized but not too big, so it doesn’t drown me. It is thick and cozy, and I like that it gives off a grungy vibe. I paired it with a pair of dark Forever 21 skinny jeans. The day I wore this outfit it was raining pretty hard, so I wore my Hunter’s to protect my feet. My hair again was looking kind of nasty, so I covered the roots with a scarf I wrapped into a headband. I wore my standard silver rings for accessories and chose Media by MAC for my lips to continue with the grungy edge.

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!


flannel 1

flannel 2

flannel 3

flannel 4

flannel 5

flannel 6


Happy Friday readers!

Here is part two of my thrift haul for you, starring this adorable cream blouse. Like the shirt from Thrift Haul Part 1, this has embroidery along the front where the buttons are, and I love how the dark colors of the florals pop against the rest of the blouse. I was kind of going for grandma-chic with this outfit (I have been told more than once that I dress like a grandma or a mom, is that a compliment…?) so I paired the blouse with a knee-length suede skirt from Forever 21 and a brown and gold belt that I thrifted a while ago. For shoes I wore a pair of Minnetonka moccasins (here is a similar pair) to continue with the warm-color scheme. My hair was gross so I threw it in a bun and I covered the roots with this brown scarf with a subtle floral print that I got from a local store at home. I threw on some gold rings to go with the gold on the belt for the final touch.

Writing this today, it is crazy to me that it was warm enough earlier this week to wear this outfit. I woke up to snow this morning.

Hope you have a great Friday!


P.S. Sorry about the blurriness, these were taken with my phone!

hautepourri 6  hautepourri 5hautepourri 4  hautepourri 2 hautepourri 1

hautepourri 3


Hello readers!

So instead of doing a super long post on all of the things I bought at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, I decided to put each item into an outfit and post those one at a time. So on Monday, I wore this denim shirt I thrifted. I love how over-sized it is, and I made it look a bit more feminine by rolling up the sleeves and knotting it at the waist. My favorite part of the shirt is the floral embroidery that gives it a folksy and quaint f eel. I paired this shirt with a pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans from Forever 21, a Free People red head wrap and a pair of black flats from Franco Sarto. Let me know what you think in the comments! Have a great Thursday 🙂


(Photo credits to my roommate Michelle)


Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21 and Vintage Haul

Hello readers!

So, despite my limited budget, I have been shopping quite a few times these past few weeks. I headed out to the mall and picked up a few things, and then happened upon a vintage store yesterday called Treasure Trove Vintage that I fell in love with. It has a very nice collection of vintage from quite a few eras, has very reasonable prices, and all of the pieces are in nearly perfect condition. The woman who was working there was very personable and friendly, and I could not have been happier with the unique things I picked up there!

Please excuse the smudges on the mirror (it’s not mine and it’s super old!) But this pleather skirt is from H&M, and I love it’s A-line shape and how it’s not too short. The blouse is vintage from the 1960’s.  The Peter Pan collar is very mod, the buttons up the back add extra detail, and of course I like it’s loose and flowy fit.






The next piece is a tapestry skirt from the 1990’s. I also like the length of this one, which hits just a few inches above the knee. The fabric is so soft and has a slender fit which will pair well with looser tops. The floral is perfect for summer and spring, but the fabric will carry it well into fall and winter with tights and boots.




I saw these sunglasses at the register at the vintage store and I simply could not leave them behind. I’m really into round frames at the moment, and this oversize tortoise-shell pair with green lenses is so different from the ones I have seen in the contemporary stores. With bold lipstick, these glasses give off a 1950’s Hollywood starlet vibe. The glasses didn’t say what era they were from.



This next pair of sunglasses I picked up from Urban Outfitters. I was trying to find a pair of John Lennon-esque round glasses and these were the closest that I could find. I like the gold frames and light-brown lenses. My only complaint is that they fit a bit crookedly, but that could be my crooked ears!



These shorts are from Urban Outfitters. I have been on the lookout for new shorts because unfortunately I have grown out of my pairs from last summer, so now all I have are my distressed pairs I made from the thrift store. I love the dark blue of this pair, giving them a slightly more formal feel. They are high-waisted and stretchy, making them incredibly comfortable. They are a bit short, but they aren’t too tight and have a classic and slightly vintage sort of fit.




Finally, I got these sandals from Forever 21. I purposefully sized up so I could wear them with socks in the fall, but I may have sized up a bit too much so I’m going to have another hole put in the straps. But I love the pointy toes, and the black will go with so many outfits.



If you would like links to any of the non-vintage items, just let me know in the comments! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!