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Fourth of July Lookbook

Hello readers,

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, so be prepared for a wave of red, white, blue, stars and stripes. But I prefer to be a bit less obvious when I get dressed for Independence Day. So here are some outfits to give you a bit of inspiration, whether you are celebrating the Fourth or just going to a barbecue or the park. The good thing about subtlety when choosing your outfit is that you can wear it for any occasion (no shame in being an outfit repeater!). As always, I will link what is available!

Outfit 1: Pretty in Plaid

008 011

I love this Forever 21 dress (which has a patriotic color scheme) because it can be worn several ways. It can be buttoned up to be a dress or worn open and used as a layering device. For this outfit, I chose the latter option. Underneath, I wore a Free People crop top with a bull on it. This shirt reminds me of the Wild West, which is quite an American theme. I paired this with a pair of shorts that I cut out of thrifted Guess jeans. I finished the outfit with a pair of gladiator sandal Birkenstocks and a crystal necklace.

Outfit 2: Sugar, Stripes and Everything Nice

014 017

This outfit incorporates red, white, blue and stripes, so it’s probably the most themed of all of the outfits. I started with this top I thrifted (see the haul here!). I cut off the sleeves because they were unflattering and rolled up the ragged edges. I love how it buttons up the back. Tying the bottom in a knot helps define the waist and adds a bit of ’90s flare. I’m wearing the same shorts from the first outfit. This outfit gets a bit of a tomboy feel from adding a pair of black high-tops. I played off the black with a bolo tie my uncle gave me. Finally, a red Free People headband contrasts with the shirt, and the knot in it feels retro.

Outfit 3: Chambray Champ

027  024029

This Forever 21 chambray romper is comfortable and cute. It has a cutout in the back which will help keep my back cool and can show off a bralette or a bandeau. However, once the fireworks start it can get chilly, so I layered on a blue Forever 21 oversized cardigan. A black thrifted belt defines my waist, and Minnetonka moccasins add a western feel. I kept the same red headband as the last outfit to make it more patriotic.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks for reading!



Late Spring/Early Summer Haul

Hello readers!

I have some exciting news…but actually it might just be exciting to me and to no one else. But it is that I bought a camera remote and I have successfully learned how to use it! So in this post I experimented with it and had a lot of fun. It makes me feel so much more independent…no longer do I have to find people to take my pictures for me! But using the remote is a lot more difficult. It takes a lot of setting up, checking the camera, focusing, retaking photos, etc. Which explains why some of these pictures are a bit blurry; I promise I will work on it!

I definitely did not buy all this stuff at once. It was an accumulated sort of thing, where I would pick one thing up one day and something else like a week later. As always, I will have linked what is still available.

1. H&M crop top and paper-bag shorts

I had an H&M gift card from Christmas, but sadly all the H&M shops closed where I live and for some reason their gift cards can’t be used online, so I had to wait a while to be able to use it. And when I finally did, I spent it on these paper-bag-waisted shorts. They are a light brown color which will pair nicely with a lot of my shirts, and they are pretty high-waisted which makes them work with crop tops. I don’t have any shorts like these, so I am very excited to style them! They are no longer available, but here are a similar pair.

I picked up the crop top because it was only three dollars, and where else was I going to find a deal like that? It is a few sizes too big, but I don’t mind because I like my tops loose anyway. It’s a great basic.

050 002  005 003006 008

2. Thrifted blouse

I picked this blouse up for five dollars at Goodwill. I really liked the bright floral pattern and that it was sleeveless, making it perfect for the summer. Knotting it at the waist makes it much more flattering and gives a nice ’90s-inspired touch.

010 013 046

3. Free People crop top

I bought this top for 20 dollars (on sale!) and with a gift card (so basically I got it for free holla!). It’s quite a different look for me, as, like I mentioned before, I like my tops loose. It’s also REALLY cropped. But I thought it would look nice with a pleather A-line skirt or some high-waisted pants/shorts. With the shape and the keyhole in the back, it’s a nice variation of the typical French-movie-star striped shirt.

014  017 018016

4. Madewell T-shirt

We just got a Madewell! That store has some really nice basics. I love how the T-shirts all have a twist, like tiny holes, cropped and boxy fits or, like this shirt, a slit in the back. I don’t have anything this color in my closet and it looks really nice against tan skin. Also, it’s nice and loose, which is right up my alley. Plus, it was on sale with an extra 20% off, and all students get a 15% discount on all of their purchases!

019 023

Also this is my dog Jake. He really wanted to model with me.

5. Free People off-the-shoulder top

Off-the-shoulder tops are really trending right now, and my mom found this top for me on sale. Yellow is also a color I don’t have much of in my closet, and I liked how it had spaghetti straps that give you a little more security. My only complaint is that it fits a bit awkwardly, as I can’t tell where the waist elastic and shoulder elastic are supposed to hit, but that’s my own fault.


6. Lana Del Rey concert T-shirt

A few weeks ago I went to a Lana Del Rey concert as part of her Endless Summer tour and I had been waiting for that night for six months. It was perfection. Lana looked beautiful and the whole crowd was really into it. Unfortunately I had a migraine, but that didn’t stop me from screaming and singing all night (which would explain why the headache was even worse the next day). This shirt was incredibly overpriced, but while at a Lana concert do as the Lana fans do, right?


7. MAC Taupe

I have been looking for a ’90s-inspired brown lipstick for a while, and I didn’t really want to splurge on an expensive one, but then I found myself at a MAC counter and I found myself trying on this lipstick and I found myself coughing up the money. I am weak when it comes to lipstick. But I’m glad I got it, because it has a really creamy formulation and it really suits my skin tone. Plus, it looks really good with a brown smoky eye or just brown eyeliner which I tend to wear every day.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

As always, let me know in the comments what you think, and have a beautiful week 🙂



OOTD: Job Hunting

Hello readers!

Today I headed off to the mall to check a few stores to see if they were hiring. Trying to find a retail job that is only seasonal is pretty difficult, and I didn’t have much success. But I tried to make my outfit cute to make a good impression.

Also, guys, today was a big day because it was my first day wearing winged liner in public without it being for a costume! You can’t really see it in the photos, but I thought it came out pretty decent. As it should, because I have only watched a gazillion YouTube makeup tutorials.

P.S. The top is still available; I have put a link below.

011  022 028025  030017

Outfit details:

Top/Free People


Shorts/Thrifted and DIY

Bag, shoes and choker/Forever 21

Bracelet and swirly ring/Lucky Brand

Lipstick/MAC Taupe

I hope you liked the outfit! As always, let me know in the comments what you think 🙂



Chill Out

laurenearthy2 laurenearthy3 laurenuse4

Outfit details: Sweater, Free People. Necklace, Free People (only one color left). Skirt, Forever 21 (similar). Tights, Forever 21.  Boots, Latigo.

andreaearthy1 andreaearthy3 andreaearthy4

Outfit details: Coat, Forever 21. Boots, Steve Madden. Tank top, American Eagle. Necklace, Forever 21.

Here is yet another photo shoot post featuring Andrea. These photos were taken at the river trail on campus on a chilly spring day, and we both did our own edits. Hope you enjoy, and as always, comment what you think of the pictures and the outfits 🙂


Ready in Russet

Hello readers!

It’s definitely been a while. I have been incredibly lazy about blogging. But I’m super psyched because I bought myself a remote for my DSLR, so once I figure out how to use it, the quality of my outfit photos should be going up.

Even though it’s cold and damp this morning, I was feeling inspired when I woke up. So here is what happened.

photo (2)

I love this shawl- it’s from Free People, and the print, length, fringe, everything is just perfect. It adds a bohemian touch to anything. I threw it over this Urban Outfitters crop top I got for my birthday. I love the russet color, it’s boxy shape, soft fabric, and high-neck line. It works great for all of my high-waisted things, such as these H&M jeans with a subtle acid-wash detail.

photo (7)

photo (6)

For accessories, I chose some Minnetonka Moccasins (similar) to keep with the earthy-tone feel. Then, I added these gold Forever 21 necklaces- they came in a pack, making layering them sooo easy. Great for lazy people like me 😉 I added this Alex and Ani bracelet I got for my birthday from my boyfriend. It’s funny, because whenever I saw these bracelets at the store, the lotus flower one was the only one that I really liked. And he picked it out without even knowing that! Finally, a few gold rings finished the look.

photo (8)

photo (3)

photo (4)

photo (5)

I recently got Chili by MAC, and it is my new obsession. It’s a matte finish, but it goes on so smoothly and covers the cuts on my chapped lips. It is a brick red with a brown undertones, making it fairly subtle and perfect for class. It’s going to look great in the summer, too.

photo (12)

The forecast says it’s going to be in the 60s this week….here’s hoping. Have a great Tuesday!


Neutrals ain’t boring

Neutrals ain't boring

Long sleeve dress

TOMS desert boots
$94 – bloomingdales.com

Hello readers,
So I accidentally posted this from my Polyvore account, oops! But I actually really like this outfit. The prim nature of the modest dress is toughened up by a studded leather jacket. Neutral boots don’t detract from the statement that is the dress-and-jacket combo, and a dark lip pops. And of course an outfit is not complete without accessories, and I love this layered necklace- it does the work for you!
I got back to school about a week and a half ago and I’m having a rough time adjusting. I am the assignment editor of the Features section of my school paper, which is fun and really good experience but also a big time commitment. I’m still struggling with combating my anxiety, especially in the face of a busy schedule. I feel like I’m just staying above the water that is everything I have to do. Hopefully it gets easier as I settle back into the swing of things.
I hope that you are all doing well and having a good week!


Hello readers!

So instead of doing a super long post on all of the things I bought at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, I decided to put each item into an outfit and post those one at a time. So on Monday, I wore this denim shirt I thrifted. I love how over-sized it is, and I made it look a bit more feminine by rolling up the sleeves and knotting it at the waist. My favorite part of the shirt is the floral embroidery that gives it a folksy and quaint f eel. I paired this shirt with a pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans from Forever 21, a Free People red head wrap and a pair of black flats from Franco Sarto. Let me know what you think in the comments! Have a great Thursday 🙂


(Photo credits to my roommate Michelle)


OOTD: Dazed and Confused on a Monday Morning

Hello readers,

So today I was slightly concerned I looked like an ’80s workout mogul with my leggings and big hair, but I was just so comfortable for a day of questioning my life choices. I recently have decided I don’t know if I’m in the right major, I don’t know exactly what I want to do or what I’m good at, it’s all so confusing. Can’t a little magic fairy come to me with a fancy scroll dictating what I am destined to be doing? It is a bit of a nightmare for someone like me who has decision-making issues.

Anyways, today I wore a pair of paisley leggings from Forever 21, an oversized Gap sweater, an Urban Renewal denim shirt from Urban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters booties, a Lucky Brand moon necklace and a Free People canteen necklace. I was trying to go for a grunge thing with the distressed denim and a dark lip color, don’t know if that came through though. I hope you all are having a wonderful week, if any of you switched your majors or considered doing so I would love to hear about it in the comments 🙂







OOTD: Chill Like an October Day

Hello readers! This morning I was exhausted and had a long day ahead, so I chose a comfortable outfit that would keep me warm (it’s about 55 degrees today I think). I started with a thick oversized sweater I inherited from my great-uncle. Over it I threw on a majorly distressed denim jacket that I got at a festival in my home town last year. I love how the shoulders are cut out.

I wrapped an Anthropologie infinity scarf around my neck and chose a long Free People canteen necklace. I finished with some dark Forever 21 skinny jeans and REPORT black booties. Let me know what you think in the comments and have a great autumn day! 🙂








Obsession: Essential Fall Items

Essential Fall Items


Quilted jacket

BDG blue jeans

H&M black boots
$41 – hm.com

Free People hat
Hello readers!
Happy Tuesday! So I have an embarrassing confession to make as a fashion lover: I have just discovered Polyvore. And oh is it a wonderful wonderful thing. I am honestly afraid I will never be able to do homework again because I will get distracted by creating outfits. It also makes blogging so much easier! If I want to  post but can’t take photos that day, I can just create an outfit with Polyvore! Whoever created it is a genius. Anyways, the items above are what I am craving for fall.
I have wanted a beanie for a while now, probably since I started watching Jenn Im’s YouTube channel “Clothesencounters.” That girl knows how to work a beanie. She pairs them with outfits of all different styles and still always looks cool. I love this Free People one for the color and the shape. I don’t want one that has too much fabric because it will look awkward hanging off the top of my head. This one is just the right size and is thick enough to keep me warm.
I am really struggling to find an anorak. I found this one from Nasty Gal which was one of the few on Polyvore that cost under $100. But I am not really a fan of the fur on the lapels. Do any of you know of a place that is selling anoraks; preferably longer, oversized, olive-colored and under $100? Please let me know in the comments!
Chelsea boots have been in for a while now but I haven’t gotten around to picking up a pair. They look so cute with everything, from dresses to skirts to skinny jeans, and I think this season will be the one when I finally purchase them. The price on this H&M pair is so good it’s hard to resist.
I am addicted to high-waisted skinny jeans. Does anyone else have that problem? They are just universally flattering, especially for those of us not blessed with long legs (*cough cough* me). I already have two pairs of BDG high-waisted skinnies, but I love how this pair is cropped and has slashes at the knees for a subtly edgy touch.
Let me know what you think and what you are thinking of purchasing to prepare for fall! Have a great week 🙂