My Most Worn Summer Shoes


Hello readers!

In the sweltering, balmy heat of summer, the last thing you want is for your poor tootsies to be swimming in sweat inside your shoes. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite shoes to wear in the summer, all of which are fairly lightweight and very versatile!

I should point out that I am not a fan of flip flops or dainty sandals. I like my shoes to have some substance. Maybe this is because I have very scrawny feet and I think that my shoes will bulk them up a bit? Hmm. Anyway, as always let me know in the comments what you think!

Warning: The pictures below feature graphic images of an old, chipped pedicure.

1. Florida Birkenstocks


Hands (or feet?) down, these are the shoes I wear the most in the summer. They are so easy to slip on and off ( I guess that’s why they are called slip-ons?). I think that the three-strap look is a bit more elegant than the thick two straps of the Arizona Birkenstock, and the taupe color of this pair goes with basically any outfit. And since I have had them for a few years, they have molded to my feet, making them the epitome of comfort. And almost every summer those three straps give me some interesting tan lines.

2. Minnetonka Moccasins


My grandparents used to take trips down to Arizona a lot when I was younger to visit family. They would always come with beautiful Native American goods for me and my sister, and this pair of Minnetonka Moccasins is one of the gifts she brought back. However, they were for my sister. But even though these fit my sister when she was like 14 and I took them from her closet when I was probably 16, they still miraculously fit me because of the stretchy nature of the suede. I will admit that they don’t have much support, so they aren’t very comfortable for doing a ton of walking, but the thick sole of this style makes them really durable for walking on different surfaces. They add an instant bohemian element to any outfit, and they can easily be worn in the fall and spring as well with a pair of jeans.

3. Forever 21 Black Flats


You guys are probably so sick of seeing these shoes, seeing as I have featured them in probably like 10 posts. But they just go with everything and are so easy to just put on and go! I bought them a size too big, but that makes the pointy toes a lot more comfortable for me.

4. Converse High-Tops


When I was in middle school I wore Converse basically every day. So for a long time I was afraid to buy a pair because I was afraid of being reminded of those extremely awkward days. But my style has come a long way since then (thank goodness) so now I wear my black Converse high-tops sans fear. They add a casual element to any outfit, whether it is just a T-shirt and jeans or a summer dress. I do wear them more in the fall because I like to wear them with socks and socks in the summer can be a rough time. But for those cooler days or breezy summer nights, they work perfectly.

5. Forever 21 Floral Oxfords


These shoes (find similar here) are probably the least versatile of the bunch because they have a print. But lucky for me, my style has gravitated more toward solids this summer, so these floral oxfords fit right in. I love how rustic and retro they look, especially with a tan, faux suede A-line skirt or a pair of denim cut-offs.

6. Chania Birkenstocks

024 026

I don’t wear these Birkenstocks as much as the Floridas, but that is simply because I am often too lazy to buckle these up. But these shoes are also very comfortable and more secure on the foot because of the buckles. I like how they don’t have a little nub between the toes that some gladiator sandals have. Those nubs are just asking for blisters. These shoes are very versatile because the neutral color. I think that they are very unique and chicer than some of the other Birkenstock styles.

Thanks for the read, and let me know what your favorite summer sandals are in the comments!




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