Neutrals ain’t boring

Neutrals ain't boring

Long sleeve dress

TOMS desert boots
$94 –
Hello readers,
So I accidentally posted this from my Polyvore account, oops! But I actually really like this outfit. The prim nature of the modest dress is toughened up by a studded leather jacket. Neutral boots don’t detract from the statement that is the dress-and-jacket combo, and a dark lip pops. And of course an outfit is not complete without accessories, and I love this layered necklace- it does the work for you!
I got back to school about a week and a half ago and I’m having a rough time adjusting. I am the assignment editor of the Features section of my school paper, which is fun and really good experience but also a big time commitment. I’m still struggling with combating my anxiety, especially in the face of a busy schedule. I feel like I’m just staying above the water that is everything I have to do. Hopefully it gets easier as I settle back into the swing of things.
I hope that you are all doing well and having a good week!

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