TIP #1: Reading Your Yearbooks

Hello readers,

If you find that you are stuck and aren’t quite sure who you are anymore, and life’s issues have distracted you for so long that you haven’t been paying attention to what exactly has changed inside of you, go through your old yearbooks.

Looking at pictures of yourself with your high school friends in clubs that you used to take part in, examining your school pictures, what you were wearing, what your hair looked like, and especially reading what others wrote about you in little notes strewn throughout your yearbook can help remind you of the person that you were, the person that still is somewhere inside of you. It can remind you that you are not alone, and that lots of people are rooting for you and love you and think good things about you…even if you had a horrendous hair cut that year.

Even if your times in high school weren’t your greatest, looking at your yearbook will show you how far you have come, and may give you a sense of relief that at least you aren’t in class for eight hours straight with four hours of homework and sports and a part-time job and college applications to fill out! Be proud of your accomplishments and where you are now, and smile, because smiles are beautiful and good for the soul 🙂

Love, Lauren


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