Hello readers!

So I”m really excited to share this part of my thrifting haul with you, because this one involves a little extra creativity. So I bought this velvet, dark brown, high-necked, long-sleeved maxi dress as part of a Halloween costume. Frankly, it kind of reminded me of poop. But, I made a bet with my friends that after Halloween, I could find a way to make it look fashionable and would wear it to class. I’m actually really impressed with how it turned out, and I know I’m going to wear it a ton this winter because velvet is such a warm and cozy material.


So this is the original dress. I have nothing against maxi dresses, but this one was so covered-up with the sleeves and the turtleneck that it was just not working for me. Plus, it had shoulder pads, and I just am not daring enough for shoulder pads. So I cut about a foot or a foot and a half off of the bottom of the dress so that it hit above my knees and took out the shoulder pads. I tried it on and fell in love with the swingy shape it created-it looked almost ’60s inspired.

velvet 1

I rolled up the sleeves on the dress to make it a bit more flattering. I chose a white beaded necklace with a gold pendant  and some gold rings to continue with the warm colors, and I wore a pair of cream-and-pink socks with these Forever 21 floral oxfords to add a bit of color. I wore Albeit’s Vermillion from Anthropologie on my lips for an autumnal deep red, and I pulled my hair into a super-messy side braid because I just really like to make my hair as messy as possible honestly. I’m so grateful that I have curly hair because at least I think it looks better the looser it is!

velvet 2

velvet 3

velvet 4

velvet 5

velvet 6

The best thing about thrifting is, because you didn’t pay a ton of money for the clothes, you don’t have to be afraid to use some scissors or thread and make it your own. And it’s fun to find something that you would normally never wear and to challenge yourself to change it or style it to make it fit your style!

Have a great Wednesday!



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