Music Review: Warpaint

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So this is a new kind of post for me, but I really love music and talking about bands with other people. I am hoping that if I include some bands I like on my blog, you guys will either find a new band you like or will share with me some bands you love (I am always up for new music of all different genres)! For about a year or so now, my favorite band has been Warpaint. The band is made up of four women (hello girl power!) and their vibe is almost indescribable as it changes between albums and between songs.

Warpaint to Reissue Debut LP The Fool

The first album I listened to (also their first full album) is The Fool, which I have mixed feelings for because I absolutely love half of the songs and the others I’m not a huge fan of. My favorites are “Set Your Arms Down,” “Warpaint,” “Undertow” and “Baby.” My favorite of these is definitely “Warpaint.” It begins with a haunting crescendo-ing bass and the vocals are hypnotizing and powerful. I have listened to it so many times and am still not sick of it. I recommend any of these tracks for when you are in the mood for some subtle and beautiful music.

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It took me a while to buy the EP Exquisite Corpse, but now I love all of the songs on it. Fun fact: “Elephants” was played on an episode of Gossip Girl (I was totally fangirling when I heard it). “Burgundy” and “Krimson” are two songs with basically the same lyrics but completely different vibes and rhythms (“Burgundy” is more hypnotic and quiet, “Krimson” is louder and more upbeat in my opinion) which I think is a really cool testament to the band that they can take the same words and make two amazing songs out of them. This EP I feel like has more rock influences and is less atmospheric than their newest album and less techno-infused than The Fool.

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Which brings us to their self-titled album, Warpaint. I was so pumped for this to come out last year because the track “Biggy” was released on SoundCloud and the opening riff is so catchy and cool. My favorite tracks from this album are “Biggy,” “Disco//Very” (a kind of hip-hop infused track that feels very 90’s and is just so different from the rest of their stuff, it was a brave but in my opinion successful choice), “Feeling Alright,” “CC” (a hypnotic song with a driving bass that just feels so cool and mysterious, I think it’s my favorite on the album) and “Drive” (which is so beautiful, it has this key change in the middle that has almost brought me to tears many a time). The other songs on the album get a little boring to me, but that is just my taste.

Click here to find Warpaint on SoundCloud!

I am in no way an expert in music reviewing, but hopefully this post was helpful and I hope you love this band as much as I do! Let me know in the comments your favorite bands, I would love to check them out! And let me know if you would like me to do more music reviews in the future!

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