OOTD: Art Gallery

Hello readers! How’s your summer going? Here we are having a bit of a cold spell, which is a somber reminder that fall and school are right around the corner. I find the end of summer to be one of the saddest times of the year. Not that I mind fall, I love the changing leaves and the sense of new beginnings and the smell of burning wood from chimneys. Actually, summer is not my cup of tea. I don’t like to be too warm and I have a paranoia of thunderstorms and bees. But it’s just sad to recognize that my loafing around and reading whatever I want and watching Gossip Girl whenever I want are ending.

Anyway, my mom and I spent a mother-daughter day at the art museum. My clothing options are currently a bit limited as a lot of my wardrobe is packed away for school. But I chose this patterned romper from Forever 21 with a cream Forever 21 blouse with lace detailing at the neck. I like how the shape of the romper is reminiscent of a school-girl jumper, and the blouse feminizes this. I paired some thin cream Aerie socks with pink edges with my Forever 21 black cut-out sandals.  I topped it off (pun intended) with an Albertus Swanepoel for Target hat. You see, I really love hats. I like big floppy hats and bowler hats the most. But I always lose the courage to wear them in public for some reason, and I’m really trying to change that. For accessories, I chose a leafy/viney ring with aquamarine stones and some stacking rings from Free People. I’m really into black at the moment so I liked the black stone on the bottom ring of the set. The round silver ring I picked up today at the museum gift shop. It has little birds engraved into it and the design looks Native American inspired. I threw on my Free People vegan leather bag and put Media by MAC on my lips.

Please let me know in the comments what you think! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and week and I will talk to you soon 🙂







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