DIY: Thrifting Haul and Reconstructing

Hello readers! I’m sorry for the lack of content lately, I have been so unmotivated! Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have up some book reviews and other things. But for now, I have a thrift haul and will show you how I used some handy scissors to make the pieces a bit more flattering!

So the first piece I found was this blue and white striped shirt. I loved the collar and the adorable buttons up the back. However, those sleeves were not working for me. They were stiff and an awkward length and had shoulder pads, which do not good look on me. I just cut out the shoulder pads and snipped off the sleeves to make the shirt a tank top. I then left the last few buttons undone to tie the bottom into a knot to accentuate my waist and give it a 90s feel.

The next piece I found was this patterned blouse. I loved the draped effect and the V-neck and thought the pattern looked very summery. Then I saw that the blouse was from Zara, so I was so stoked to be getting it for only five dollars! I didn’t do any altering to this piece as I loved it how it was.

The last thing I got was this maxi dress. It was  not going to work for me as a maxi dress, but I loved the top because it reminded me of overalls with the bib and buttons on the sides. Then I thought about how Jenn Im from the Youtube channel Clothesencounters talked in a video about a pair of overalls she thrifted. She cut off the bottoms to make them into a top, and I decided to do the same thing with this dress.

I hope that this post shows you that you can make pieces from the thrift store your own. I find that this makes the pieces more personal. Have a great week!



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