My CollegeFashionista Internship and a Lush Haul

Hello readers!

I’m sorry for the lack of content for a few weeks, quite frankly I have been a bit low on inspiration lately!  Life has been consumed by work and being anti-social, which is a problem!

So I have been lucky enough to get an internship as a Style Guru for the website CollegeFashionista! Basically I get to take street style photos and write posts every week about what occasions the subjects’ outfits would work for. It’s so much fun and great experience, especially because it is basically what I want to do for a job! So, if you would like to check out my articles, be sure to go to! (So far I have two posts up with a third coming out on Thursday.)

So lately I have been really into trying to find more natural solutions to things. I’m trying to read more into things like essential oils and herbal remedies, and have been trying to switch out things like my deodorant and skin care for more natural options. This is where Lush comes in. I stopped in for the first time last week and fell in love. The workers there are so helpful. They basically gave me a skin consultation and tested all of the products on my skin and gave me samples, all for free! So I left with two products and two samples, both of which I plan on buying once I have saved up enough cash.

For the record, my skin tends to be a combination of dry and oily, spot-prone, and sensitive.


The first item I bought was some of the Fresh Farmacy cleanser. I first bought Herbalism, which I was really excited to use because it is good for balancing the skin, but the exfoliant in it is ground almonds, which I am allergic to if it gets in my mouth. So the Lush employees told me that this cleanser would do a similar job, but without the exfoliation. It has a soap base, so it gives your skin a more clean feeling, but can also leave you dry which is why it is important to moisturize after using it. I was a bit afraid of the drying factor of this because of the soap, but it is good for summer for getting all of the sweat and oil off of your face and really freshening up your skin. It smells delicious, which is an added bonus. I basically pick a little piece off of the bar, wet it, rub it into my hands until it becomes soapy, scrub and wash off. It actually doesn’t dry my skin as much as I was afraid it would.


I got a sample of this scrub, because as one of Lush’s most in-demand products, it is quite expensive and I wanted to be sure of it’s effectiveness before I splurged. This stuff is amazing. I have used it twice now, and it is one of the best scrubs I have ever used. It really cleanses and has different sizes of salt particles in it so that it can scrub both the top layer of your skin and the deeper layers to really clean out your pores. But what amazes me most is that it is not drying at all. It leaves my skin so soft and actually moisturized. My skin also usually gets a little red after too much scrubbing, but this product is very gentle yet effective.


So lately I have been really loving the smell of tea tree oil. I have a natural deodorant that is made of tea tree and it smells so fresh and beautiful. So I was really excited to try this Tea Tree Water toner. I just spritz some on my hands or a cotton pad and rub it all over my face. It’s really good for oil control, which I love because my face gets a bit shiny in the summer, and it also downplays the redness on my face. I love that the toner isn’t drying but it leaves my skin feeling really clean after it sets in.


I finish off with this sample of the Enzymion Face Lotion. Lotions from Lush are pretty pricey so I’m trying to save up for this one because it smells so good and is really lightweight. It helps prevent the cleanser and toner from being too drying and gives just enough moisture for my skin to drink up but not to make it oily and clog it up.

I think I may be in a transition period with my face adjusting to these new products because I’m breaking out a bit, but I really think that after some more use my skin will thank me for going natural. I was so sick of products sucking the life out of my skin and making it dry and red and flaky but still making me break out. Lush products are so gentle, and I really appreciate the time the workers take to give you a thorough consultation and skin testing so that you know exactly what you want to buy or sample.

I hope you have found this helpful and that you are all having a wonderful week! Let me know in the comments what Lush products you have tried and what you think!



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