Obsession: Rings

Hello readers!

I owe you a huge apology. There is no excuse for my not having posted in so long. It’s been a rough semester and I didn’t get my new camera until yesterday, but I still should have updated in some way. I am so sorry and will get better at being consistent!

So recently I have had quite an obsession with rings. I love how wearing many chunky rings at once can give an instantly bohemian and artisan-like feel to my outfit. I like my rings to be a bit tarnished, not too perfect, to look like they have a story behind them. So I decided to share with you some of my rings that I am loving at the moment!ImageImage

This first ring is from Lucky Brand, and I bought it at Von Maur. I like how perfectly it fits on my middle finger and how it adds a hippie-inspired element to my outfits.
 This ring is my first effort at jumping on the midi-ring band wagon. this one is from Free People, and I love how delicate and simple it looks on either my pointer or middle fingers.
This ring was a gift from my sister, and for some reason I decided to just take it out of the packaging yesterday. I love the tangled leaves around the chunky stones.
This is one of my ultimate favorite rings. It is from Free People, and snakes are one of my favorite motifs for jewelry. Therefore, I love the snake wrapping itself around the black stone on this pieces. It’s subtly sinister.
I picked up this ring from a Lucky Brand store about a year and a half ago, and it is still a staple in my wardrobe. The detailing is so intricate, and the shape is like a vine winding up my finger.
This little fella is the newest member of my accessories collection. My sister gave this ring to me as a birthday present. It is a sloth. I love sloths. I was freaking out when I opened this up. I love how he looks like he is hugging my finger, how precious!







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