DIY- The Jungle Sweatshirt

Yesterday I was pretty bored and realized that I have had this sweatshirt I picked up from the Salvation Army hanging around my room for a long time. This piece drew my eye because of its jungle-esque print and zig-zag embroidery on the collar and sleeves. However, the fit was a bit awkward because of the strange length of the sleeves and the elastic on the bottom.  I kept meaning to do something with it for a DIY but never really decided what to do. But yesterday I just decided to go for it and hoped that something would come to mind as I began.


So I took a pair of scissors and just started snipping off that awkward elastic and the sleeves right along the seams. As you can tell, my scissor-skills are not the greatest in the world, please ignore the (shall I say raw?)  edges!


I tried to roll up the sleeves to cover the jagged edges but they weren’t staying in place, so I found this piece of olive colored fabric I had cut off from a thrifted skirt and decided to cut it into little tabs to hold the sleeves up. This would require my non-existent sewing skills, as demonstrated by my very uneven stitches, but maybe they can be seen as a quirky touch?





This was definitely not the most successful DIY project, and I’m not even sure if I’m going to wear this shirt. But I did have quite a fun time working on it, and hopefully you got some inspiration on how to redo a thrifted piece! Here is the finished creation. The picture doesn’t really show that the arm-holes are quite large and relaxed and that the shirt has a cropped, boxy fit. I would have tried it on myself, but honestly I was too lazy to get ready this morning so I thought the mannequin might be a better option.



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