Cozy Sweater and “Leather” Jacket


First off, I want to apologize for the pretty low quality of these photos.  I am waiting for my birthday to get a better quality camera, and I was stuck using the self-timer that for some reason makes the pictures blurry! Anyway, today I was going to the mall and I was sick of my typical winter-break attire of pajamas, so I choose a comfortable yet put-together look. The dark-wash skinny jeans are from Forever 21, and I thought that they contrasted nicely with this big oatmeal poncho-style sweater, also from Forever 21. I absolutely love this multi-layer mixed metal necklace with an onyx-inspired stone from Free People, it looks great poking out from under turtle necks and makes any simple top interesting. This faux leather jacket is Harper brand, which I picked up at Francesca’s boutique. I got it in a size large which was a tad too big, but it was the last one in stock so I went for it anyway! I don’t like jackets too tight, and this one leaves room for bulkier sweaters. This jacket doesn’t have a lapel, which makes it unique from the other leather jackets out there and gives it a more refined look. I was wearing a pair of very short booties with a buckle in the back, but I forgot to put them on when I took these pictures! I hope you all are having a lovely day, I will talk to you soon!




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